He Got Served While Getting Served

| CA, USA | Right | November 15, 2012

(A customer is debating the price of items with me. I have told him several times they are not on sale. This has taken almost ten minutes, and the people behind him are starting to look very annoyed.)

Me: “Sir, I assure you those items are not on sale.”

Customer #1: “You b****! They are too! You’re just trying to rob me! Where the h*** is your manager?”

Me: “I am the manager on duty. ”

Customer #1: *grabs my shirt collar* “That’s bulls***! Women can’t run stores. You’re too dumb! Especially your age!”

(At that moment, another customer, Customer #2, intervenes. Note that Customer #2 is a petite lady in her late twenties, about as old as me. She stands on her toes, grabs Customer #1’s shoulder, and yanks him around. Then, she slaps him across the face.)

Customer #1: *stunned* “Wh-wha? Who the h*** do you think you are?”

Customer #2: “You work at [very successful local legal firm], right?”

Customer #1: *nods*

Customer #2: “Well, I own [very successful local legal firm], and you don’t work there anymore.”

(Customer #1 finally recognizes Customer #2 and gets a horrified look of realization on his face. He sprints out of the store, leaving his groceries on the counter.)

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  • Fantaman

    I’ll take “This never happened in 100 years” for 500$, Alex

    • Ty Vulpine

      Why do people say this? If you can prove it never happened, please do so. Simply claiming without evidence doesn’t make your claim true.
      Seriously, if you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

      • Fantaman

        Easy, you can spot these because they’re not snippets of life like the others but self contained stories that vindicate the poster. dead giveaway.

        • Ty Vulpine

          Oh, please. “It couldn’t happen to me so it could never happen!”

          • Fantaman

            No, it’s a self contained story

  • Rebekah

    Well the customer is awful, but there’s no grounds for dismissal. It’s got no connection to his job. He could in fact sue for unfair dismissal if she actually tried to fire him.

    But then…America is weird so maybe it’s possible I guess.

    Sorry if this double posts. I initially used a different word to awful.

    • Rachel Schmachel

      Not an expert, but I would think that she would have grounds to fire him based on his discriminatory behaviour and assault. She doesn’t have grounds to slap him though.

      • Rebekah

        Definitely if he was representing the company. The trouble is the paperwork. I think he definitely deserves the reality check of losing his job, but what would the complaint be? That she saw him being discriminatory off company time? It’d be a case of he said she said without proof. I guess if you got the others to enlist as witnesses then maybe.

        • Rachel Schmachel

          I was just thinking about it in relation to people who have been fired for inappropriate behaviour on personal social media. I guess there’s a case to be made for the behaviour you display in your personal life to make you an unsuitable employee. In this case, working for a woman and in a law firm, you can’t have an employee who breaks the law and disrespects women in authority. Also one who’s stupid enough to do it in a public place.

          • Rebekah

            I think the difference with people making offensive posts is that it’s there in black and white on the internet and clearly traceable back to the company. Whereas it’d be a harder case to prove with RL bullying.

            Don’t get me wrong, I totally think there would be justice if he was fired for it, I just think it’d be a hard one to prove.

  • zizania

    While the customer was an a**hole, he’d be perfectly justified in reporting the law firm owner for assault. No one would be applauding if it had been a man slapping a woman, and that should go both ways.