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He Forgot About The Elephants

| Romantic | December 18, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are on our holidays and watching the musical Tarzan – which takes place in the African jungles. The first half is already over and it’s break-time.)

Boyfriend: “When will the elephants come?”

Me: “Elephants? There are no elephants in Tarzan.”

Boyfriend: “There are! They’re in the movie!”

Me: “Are you talking about The Jungle Book?”

Boyfriend: “…possible.”

Me: *laughing* “We’ve watched the whole first half and you’ve been wondering where the elephants are?”

Boyfriend: “So what? Both play in the jungle! It’s all the same.”

Me: “Babe, Tarzan takes place in Africa, The Jungle Book in India.”

Boyfriend: “See! Same continent!”

Me: *cracking up even harder* “No. Asia and Africa are not the same continent. You’re so cute.”

Boyfriend: “I’m not cute.”

Me: “You are. I love you.”

Boyfriend: “Shut up.”

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