He Can’t Recover From That

, , , | Legal Right | January 12, 2019

(At the store where I work, when someone is stopped from stealing something, whether accidentally or on purpose, it’s called a recovery. An hour before closing I’m on self-checkout, next to the only open register at the front end. Since it’s dead, the other cashier and I are standing on the aisle, waiting for customers. A man comes speed-walking towards us.)

Coworker: “Hi there, are you ready?”

Man: *gesturing in the general direction of service desk and holding one of our buckets, which clearly has something in it* “No, I already paid.”

(He rushes past us. Since we’ve been getting a lot of people walking out with unpaid merchandise, I immediately follow him to ask for his receipt. The alarms start going off around him and I dash towards him.)

Man: “Oh, is it the bucket that’s setting them off? Here, you can have it back.”

(He drops the bucket and runs out the door empty-handed. I grab the bucket and look into it, grinning. There are two large packs of batteries, which are high-theft merchandise and therefore have sensors in them.)

Coworker: *runs up to me* “What just happened?”

Me: “I think we just made a recovery.”

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