He Also Has Two Eyes, A Nose, And A Mouth

, , , | Working | July 9, 2019

(Our office works with contracts for people with less income and most of our clients are of minorities or of color. Sometimes, we get disgruntled clients, but one makes threats and even acts upon them, so he gets jail-time. Eventually, he gets out.)

Memo: “Everybody, please be careful. Mister [Threatening Client] is out of jail and threatened us once again. He is not allowed in the building. Call the police if you see him.”

Me: *responding to the one who made the memo* “I’m sorry, but I was not here when the incident with Mister [Threatening Client] happened. Do we have a picture or something of him?”

Reply: “No, we don’t have a picture. I don’t know how he looks, but I believe he’s a short black man from Surinam.”

(She just described half of our clientele. I’ll just keep my phone near and hope for the best.)

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