Having Unsanitary Thoughts

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(Shortly after giving birth to my child, I find myself in desperate need of some groceries and other supplies. I load the baby up and head to the supermarket, where I place the car seat in the shopping cart and wedge my items into the remaining space around the seat. While waiting in line to check out, I’m approached by an older woman who is looking contemptuously at my cart.)

Old Lady: “Do you really think it’s appropriate to have those—” *indicating a pack of sanitary pads* “—so close to her?” *pointing to my daughter*

Me: “What’s wrong? Do you think she needs more space? I’m not used to shopping with infants yet—”

Old Lady: “Things like that—” *pointing to the pads again* “—are not appropriate for children! You should not expose an innocent child to such things! Those things go…” *whispers* “—you know where.”

Me: *deadpan* “Ma’am. I need those—” *points* “—because I pushed her—” *points* “—out of there—*points* “—two weeks ago. If she’s paying attention, she already knows things come out of it. Thanks for your time, though!”

(She stomped off.)

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