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Having To Self-Order Does Not Make Them App-y

, , , | Right | December 15, 2021

I work in a bar that has had to change all service to seated table service only due to the health crisis. In order to quickly and easily serve our customers, we have a paid subscription with an app to order all drinks directly to the table.

Two gentlemen come in during a Friday night service, which is our busiest night of the week, and state that they would like to sit in the beer garden. After pointing the way to the correct door, I leave them to find their own table and order some drinks.

About twenty minutes later, I’m showing another group to a table upstairs and chatting politely to them about their evening as I do so.

Rude Customer #1: “EXCUSE ME! Can we actually order some drinks, please?!”

Me: “Of course, sir. Just give me one minute to finish seating this group and I’ll be right with you.”

I finish with the table I am seating and walk over to the two men, who have apparently decided that they want this table for six people to themselves inside, despite not mentioning it to a single member of staff.

Me: “Hi, guys. Is the app not working for you to order drinks? If not, I—”

Rude Customer #1: *Cutting me off* “YOU KNOW KNOW WHAT?! THIS IS F****** RIDICULOUS! All we wanted is to have some f****** drinks, and you can’t be a****d to do your job properly!”

Me: “It’s not a problem, I can—”

Rude Customer #2: *Also cutting me off* “You know, I’m very good friends with [Owner’s Husband] and he would be horrified to hear how you’re treating loyal customers. This is awful! We just wanted some drinks, and you can’t be f***ed to do anything!”

Both customers stormed out of the bar, going right past [Owner’s Husband] and his parents on their way out.

I asked [Owner’s Husband] if he knew them and he said he vaguely recognised one of them from his old school, twenty years ago, but couldn’t remember either of their names.

Last night, we saw a review posted on our website declaring how horrible the staff was and how no one wanted to help them when they asked. [Owner] and I had great fun replying to their comments and supplying the CCTV footage showing two fully grown men screaming at a short, twenty-year-old supervisor after ignoring every policy in place.

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