Having The Conman Outnumbered

, , , | Right | March 1, 2018

I was a cashier at a popular fast food chain, in the days before automated registers.

I was also a math nerd, who could do most of the totals and tax in my head and could shake a handful of coins and give an accurate total.

One day, a guy comes in, gives a fairly complicated order, and pays with a $20. Then, after he gets his change, he asks to exchange some of it for other bills and starts a long back-and-forth about the original bill and the exchanges.

I am keeping close track, but feel something is off. His order comes up, then he gives me a funny look and leaves.

I call a manager, asking for a drawer count, because I think I might have just been short-changed.

Turns out I am $5 up.

The manager compliments me on not only making it through a very expert short-change con, but coming out ahead. That explains the odd look from the con artist.

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