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Having An Identity Crisis

| Learning | August 14, 2016

(I’m a security guard for dorm buildings at a college. No one can enter the building unless I unlock the door for them. Students swipe their ID cards to get in if they live in the building, and they can sign in guests. We’re required to check the ID picture to make sure the person swiping in is actually the person on the ID.)

Student: *comes up to my desk with a couple of suitcases and boxes* “Hi, I’m helping my friend move in. Can I go up?”

Me: “Okay, she needs to sign you if you don’t live here. Is she up in her room?”

Student: “No, she’s at her old dorm getting the rest of her stuff, but she gave me her ID so I can go in.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you in with her ID. I need her to be here to sign you in.”

Student: “But it’ll take her forever to get here! She wanted me to get started moving everything in!”

Me: “Just to clarify; you’re TELLING me outright that you’re not the person on that ID card, and still expecting me to let you in?”

Student: “Yes! She gave me her ID!”

(I refused to let her in. She fumed in the corner of the lobby for a few minutes, and then went out to her car and started bringing in more suitcases and boxes, piling them right in front of my desk. I finally had to tell her to move them because other students couldn’t get by. Really mature!)

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