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Having A Terrible Work Experience

| Working | March 12, 2014

(I’m currently in the process of trying to find a new, more permanent job, and am trying to find the phone number to give to an employer for previous work experience. The phone number I knew was available was lost when I turned in my badge. This happens over instant messaging on a temp agency’s website.)

Me: “Hello. I’m currently in the process of trying to find a job that is more permanent and was wondering what number I would give to an employer for [Company] in Reno, Nevada.”

Customer Service Associate: “Hi there! All of our positions at [Company] are seasonal. The length of your assignment is based on business need. Based on performance and business need you could have the opportunity to be hired on full time to [Company]’s payroll. Would there be anything else I could help you with?”

Me: “Yes, I was trying to figure out what number I would give to an employer asking about my previous work experience for [Temp Agency] in Reno, Nevada. I cannot seem to find a contact phone number anywhere.”

Customer Service Associate: “The phone number on your badge should be sufficient enough to give as a contact phone number.”

Me: “I’ve handed in my badge and cannot access that phone number.”

Customer Service Associate: “Then I’m afraid that I’m unable to help you.”

Me: “You mean there’s no other number that I can give as a contact number for previous work experience?”

Customer Service Associate: “That is correct.”

Me: “… Thanks a lot; you’ve been very helpful.”

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