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Having A Senior Moment, Part 4

, , , | Right | January 23, 2021

I am a fairly new cashier at a chain charity store. I am at the register when an older lady wearing nice clothing walks up.

Me: “Hi! How are you today?”

The customer places four stuffed animals down and ignores me. I ring up her purchase.

Me: “All right, your total today is $2.”

Customer: “Isn’t there a senior citizens discount?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I don’t believe there is. I can ask a manager, just to be sure, if you’d like?”

Customer: “Yeah, you do that!”

I call the manager up front and ask. The manager tells us both that there is no discount.

Customer: “This is ridiculous. I read [Random Magazine] and it said there was a senior discount!”

Manager: “It might be for a different chain. We’re not affiliated with ones in different states or even the ones in [City two hours away].”

Customer: “This is bulls***. All your stores should be the same. The magazine said there was a senior discount. I’m never shopping here again.”

She storms out. The manager mouths, “F*** you,” at her as she leaves.

Me: “Do you know you’re my favorite manager?”

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