Having A Heart To Heart

| Romantic | September 16, 2012

(I am a girl who is friends with a group of 6 guys. They all take turns bringing me home because everyone lives near me. I have never let one of the guys take me home because I am not sure about him just yet. I am chatting to him on instant messaging.)

Him: “Where do you live?”

Me: “From [friend’s] house, cross the street, and you’re there. You?”

Him: “From [friend’s] house, cross the street, and you’re there.”

Me: “No way! You’re a liar.”

Him: “Wow, that’s heartless, calling me a liar.”

Me: “Oh, I have a heart. I’m not sure about you though.”

Him: “BRB.”

(After 5 minutes, my phone rings, and it is him telling me to go outside. I see him walking up my driveway. He stops in front of me and pulls out a stethoscope. He puts the earpieces on me and points the listening part to his heart. I listen to his heart for a few beats.)

Him: “I like you.”

Me: “Oh. My. God.”

Him: “There, you’ve heard my heart. And you know I like you. Do you still think I’m heartless?”

(It still took me a while to admit to him that I liked him, at least a couple of weeks after that, but now we’re 15 months together! He then admitted after that day that he was just glad his family kept a stethoscope in his car.)

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