Having A Gay Old Time

| Related | December 4, 2015

(My little brother is nine years old, but I still read him bedtime stories because I love reading aloud and he loves listening to me. We finished ‘The Three Musketeers’ a few weeks ago and moved on to the sequel, ‘Twenty Years After.’ So far, he’s always managed to follow the flow, but here and then Dumas’ use of specific vocabulary or antiquated meanings make us both trip… The whole exchange was in French, but thankfully it’s fully translatable.)

Brother: *interrupting me as he often does* “What do you mean, the governor is gay?”

(Since my brother’s picking up increasingly adult language left and right, I immediately assume he misunderstood.)

Me: “Er, well, obviously Dumas didn’t mean it in that sense, because you know, he wrote that 170 years ago, and just look at the context…”

Brother: “But I thought he couldn’t be gay! He’s always been so serious so far!”

(Only now do I realise that my brother is completely unaware of the most common meaning for “gay” and heard it correctly, as in, “have a gay old time”.)

Me: *turning red* “YES! Right, well, you know, everyone has their moments, see?”

(Then I immediately went back to reading.)

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