Having A Dog Day Afternoon

, , , | Hopeless | June 19, 2016

(I house-sit and dog-sit for a friend who has a huge poodle and a tiny Maltese. I am pretty fit and the dogs have a lot of energy. On my third walk with them, I get hopelessly lost. This is pre-cellphones having GPS or maps. I’ve been wandering about for a good 20 minutes, afraid to knock on random doors.)

Me: *spots a man doing lawn work* “Excuse me? Sir?”

Man: *ignores me*

(I am too scared to try harder because I am 5’4” and a foreigner. An old lady from the house behind me, standing on her porch, notices me.)

Old Lady: “You need something?”

Me: “Yes! Please! Directions back to [Friend’s Address]. I was walking the dogs and they went down this forest trail and now I have no idea how to get back and I’m just– Could you please just tell me how to get back there?”

Old Lady: “I’ll do you one better. Hop in the car and I’ll drive you three back. You’re a fair way from there.”

Me: “Are you sure? The dogs are non-shed and well-behaved. They won’t drool or anything, but are you sure?”

Old Lady: “Yes, yes. Don’t you fret.”

(On the way back, we had a long conversation about where I was from, how much she liked my accent, how big the one dog was. When I got out, I was almost in tears at her kindness – fortunately, I’d had groceries delivered earlier so I ran in, fetched the apple pie that I’d meant to be my first taste of the famous American apple pie, and gave it to her in lieu of gas money. I never saw that lady again but even now, I’m still so grateful for her act of kindness in giving a confused teenager with a massive dog (and tiny dog) a free, safe ride like that.)

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