Having A Conversation With Tin-Man

| Friendly | May 30, 2016

(I’m picking up groceries, and I buy a tin of popcorn from the Boy Scouts set up outside of the store. I hadn’t eaten yet that day, so when I got to the bus stop, I sat down and cracked open the tin and ate a couple of handfuls. I noticed the homeless-looking man sitting next to me turn my way a bit, and so I offered him the tin.)

Me: “Do you want some?”

Man: “Really?”

(His face lit up, and we share the popcorn, setting the tin in between us, and talk a little bit. Then, a well-dressed man walks by our bench and, without saying a word or even looking at either of us, he scoops up the tin from in between us, and hops onto one of the buses, which then drives off. Both of us just sit there, kind of stunned from how rude he was.)

Man: “Well, he must be pretty down on his luck.”

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