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Having A Childhood Do-Over

| Related | February 17, 2015

(This happens when my brother’s ex-stepson is walking into our parents house.)

Mom: “Hey buddy! You excited for your sixth birthday next week?”

Boy: “No, Grammy, I won’t be six next week.”

Mom: “But – why not?”

Boy: *very matter-of-factly* “Well, first I have to turn 4 again, then next year I’ll be 5, then my NEXT birthday after that, I’ll be six!”

Mom: “Buddy, that’s not how it works.”

Boy: “Well, Daddy [Brother] said it was!”

(I looked over at my brother to see him trying not to laugh. I guess there had been a lot of excitement about turning six, and in an attempt to get some peace and quiet in the house my brother had told him this. We eventually got the little boy straightened out!)

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