Having A Bleached-Blonde Moment

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(I’m seventeen years old and I have my hair dyed an unnatural color, as well has having the typical “butch” haircut. I walk into the [Retailer] by my school to buy some coffee and breakfast. The instant the door greeter sees me, her face lights up with righteous anger.)

Door Greeter: “Miss, you’re so pretty; why the h*** would you put that green in your hair?!”

(My hair is blue.)

Me: *taken aback* “Um, because it’s my favorite color?”

Door Greeter: *splutters in disbelief and scorn*

(I quickly walked into the store before she regained her composure, and made sure to exit through the doors on the opposite side. The kicker? She had the brassiest, fakest bleached-blonde hair I’ve ever seen.)

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