Having A Ball With The Bully

| NY, USA | Learning | October 31, 2014

(I am fairly well-known as kind of odd and geeky, and have been teased and mocked all my life for my various quirks. Lately, I’ve figured out a method to deal with people being jerks. The classmate in question is spectacularly obnoxious, and has seen me playing Pokémon while waiting for class to start on several occasions. We are working in groups.)

Obnoxious Classmate: *stumbles repeatedly over pronunciation of an Italian word*

Me: *politely* “It’s actually [correct pronunciation].”

Classmate: *angry and offended* “Oh, what do you know about it? Go buy an ultra ball and leave the rest of us to actually STUDY!”

Me: “Actually, I generally get pokéballs; they’re the most cost-effective. Great balls and ultra balls have higher catch rates, but the increased expense is far higher; an ultra ball is twice as likely to catch, true, but six times as expensive — meaning it’s more effective and cost-efficient to just buy six poke balls, for six times the capture chance.”

Classmate: “…”

(He never bothered me about playing Pokémon again!)

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  • Diederik Carpay

    yeah, but the pokemon might selfdestruct, die because of confusion or some other coincedence or kill all of yours, so if you’ve got enough money, the ultra ball is a better alternative

    • Nixill

      Plus, if it takes long enough, the Pokemon might start using Struggle.