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Have You Tried Starting With, “Excuse Me”?

, , , | Right | CREDIT: kirabera | June 10, 2021

I work in luxury optical retail, so I’m dressed in a black top and black skirt with dark pantyhose. I could definitely be mistaken for a hostess or a waiter, so you can guess where this is headed.

I go to get sushi from a Japanese restaurant near work that I visit all the time, and I wait for my order near the front till, right by the entrance. I’m not standing behind the till or in front of the computer, so I don’t think I look like I am working there. I’m on my phone while waiting. Two white women around my age walk in. I glance up, see them, and then look back at my phone. I mind my own business.

One of them walks toward me and waves her hand in front of me.

Woman: “Hellooooo?”

I look at her. She gives me this angry look and gestures to herself and her friend.

Woman: “Hello! Can we please get some help or what?”

Me: “Uh, try asking one of the wait—”

Woman: *Cutting me off and huffing* “Okay, you continue being useless.”

She walks past me, and then the waitress comes out of the kitchen with my order. She smiles and greets the women, says, “Just a moment,” and gives me my food.

The two women look so angry. I don’t even know why.

Woman: *Loudly* “Well, if you weren’t a waitress, you should have said something.”

But I did kind of try to tell her to get a waiter before she cut me off. It’s not my problem that she decided to assume I was a waitress.

I’d like to believe that this wasn’t a racial thing, but as an Asian woman at a sushi restaurant, it probably was.