Have You Tried Email, Instead?

, , | Right | December 1, 2019

(I’m delivering the mail. Saturdays are busy days, as there is no delivery on Sundays and Mondays and many people want their mail to arrive before that. On top of that, we also deliver ad flyers that have to be delivered to every house that has no “no ads” sticker. We are short-staffed, so I have two delivery routes today, which I can usually just manage within the time period in which mail has to arrive. I’m at the end of the second route when I arrive at the house of a woman who always complains about me being late. This time, I’m actually pretty early for the Saturday delivery. I hear running behind the door as I push the mail through the mail slot.)

Woman: *ripping open the door with a menacing laugh* “Late again! You are always late on Saturdays! You are lazy!”

Me: “I’m sorry, madam. We have to deliver a lot on Saturday, and this is my second route. In any case, I’m supposed to get the mail to you before 5:00, and it is 3:30.”

Woman: “That’s not my problem! Be earlier!”

Me: “You’ll have to take it up with my manager; tell him he should hire more people to spread the workload.”

Woman: “That’s ridiculous. You should be here earlier!”

(I’m too tired for this s***.)

Me: “Have you considered moving to a house that is closer to the start of the delivery route?”

(She slammed the door shut. I moved on, and then called my supervisor to tell him we might be getting a complaint and to explain the situation. Luckily, she never did make a complaint, and my supervisor thought it was funny.)

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