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Have To Grow A Thicker Skin

| Working | January 8, 2016

(I have eczema on my forehead and hands. It is a skin condition which is hereditary where the skin, in layman’s terms, doesn’t recognize itself and attacks itself believing itself to be an invader of the body. This results in rashes, flaking skin, redness, cracking and bleeding. You can go years without it, and then it may crop up mildly or severely one year. My hands are cracked, but people notice my forehead which is currently cracked, bleeding and flaking a lot. People keep staring at me and it can make me feel insecure. I go to the supermarket to buy some groceries, when the lady at the register begins staring at me, really obviously.)

Me: “Hi.”

Clerk: *continues staring at my forehead*

Me: “I’ll just have these items, please.”

Clerk: “Sure. So, how’s your day going?” *still glaring at my forehead*

Me: *had enough* “Oh, pretty good. But I have eczema, so everyone keeps staring at my forehead.”

Clerk: “Oh… uhm… Yeah, I get eczema, too!” *hurries away without saying goodbye*

Me: “…”