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Have Some Mini Problems Here

, , , , , | Working | May 31, 2018

(My friends and I are at a pizza restaurant. We’re all students, so we don’t have loads of money to spare.)

Friend: “Could I get the chicken pizza vita, please?”

(They are half-size pizzas which come with a side salad.)

Waiter: “That won’t be enough to fill you up! Have a look at the classic pizzas.”

(He points at the more expensive classic pizzas.)

Friend: “Okay, I’ll have the classic margherita, then, please.”

(The waiter walks away.)

Friend: “Wow, he managed to upsell me a less expensive pizza.”

(Our meal is good, and we decide to look at the dessert menu. We see they do sets of three “mini” desserts, which seems like a good option for the three of us.)

Waiter: “They’re very mini, too small to share. You need to look at these full-size desserts!”

Me: “We’d like the mini desserts, please.”

Waiter: “You need three sets, though. They’re too small to just have one each!”

Me: “Okay, never mind. We’ll just get the bill, then, please.”

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