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Have Other Duties To Perform

| Working | January 28, 2015

(It’s late in the evening and I’m the only cashier supervisor in the building. Therefore when I go for break I keep my wireless phone with me in case anyone in the store needs me. I am in the bathroom and it rings. I see the store manager’s office on the call display so I decide I better answer it.)

Me: “Hi, it’s [My Name].”

Manager: “Hey, can you meet me in my office? I want to talk to you about one of your cashiers.’

Me: “Sure, give me five minutes. I’m just tied up with something right now.”

(I lean a little too far forward and the auto-flush goes off. Naturally the phone picks up the sound.)

Manager: “When you say ‘tied up with something’…”

Me: “I guess you could say that I’m taking care of business.”

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