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Have No Power To Overcome Crappy Gifts

, , , | Romantic | June 23, 2018

(My husband is always buying me gifts that are more suited to him, such as computer games, programs, and videos that I’m not really interested in. Then, he complains that I don’t use such gifts that he spends good money on. If you notice, to use all these things, I have to use electricity to power up TVs, computers, and the like. This year, he bought me a gift that I loved: a fan that when turned on becomes a clock. It’s a hot day; we do have the AC going, but I’ve put the fan in a room with no AC just to get the air moving.)

Husband: *after noticing the fan and clock are going* “Why do you have that turned on? Electricity costs money, you know!”

Me: “How am I supposed to use it if I can’t turn it on?”

Husband: “It’s wasting electricity.”

(I turned off the $50 gift that I was not allowed to use, but went back to playing his video games on his big TV.)