Have No Interest In Your Rate

, , , | Legal | July 25, 2019

(I start getting a bunch of calls from an unknown number. The first time, they leave no message. The second and third times, they leave a message saying they are from my mortgage company to talk to me about refinancing my home. I look up the number and just as I suspected, it is a scam. The fourth time they call, I answer.)

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Hi, [My Name], I’m [Caller] from [Loan Company]. I’m calling in regards to your mortgage. We told you a while ago that we would contact you if there was a chance we could get you a better rate. Do you plan on moving anytime soon, or do you plan on staying in your one-family home?”

Me: “I plan on staying.”

Caller: “Oh. Well then, do you have time you talk about refinancing? The market’s doing really well right now and we can likely get you down to a lower interest rate and payment.”

Me: “Oh, really?”

Caller: “Yes. Based on your excellent payment history, we can bring it down to about five and a half if you were to refinance.”

Me: “Really?”

Caller: “Of course!”

Me: “I don’t believe you, because this is a scam.”

Caller: “No, ma’am, it’s not.”

Me: “Yes, it is, because if you were really looking at my mortgage, you’d see my interest rate is currently four percent.”

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