Have Customer, Will Poke

| | Right | July 13, 2009

(At the museum where I work, I see a patron knocking on one of our replicas with his knuckles.)

Patron, to wife: “Hey look, honey. This here is a replica!” *knocks again*

Me: “Sir, please don’t touch that.”

Patron: “But it’s a replica, isn’t it?”

Me: “Yes, it is, but we still ask that you don’t touch it.”

Patron: “Well, it’s not under a glass case, which means that it is not valuable. I have every right to touch it.”

Me: “No, actually–”

Patron: “Yes! If I see something that’s not cased, it means I can touch it, AND I WILL TOUCH IT!”

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  • Scott O

    Throw him out.
    If he was worth anything, he’d be under glass.

  • Christina Veronica Larsson

    I work in an art gallery… this made me want to scream…

  • Ozzlik

    “That is fine, that means I can call security, AND I WILL CALL SECURITY!”