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Have A Problem With A Non-Problem

| Learning | July 21, 2014

(It is parent-teacher conferences. Afterwards, my mom tells me about her conversation with my history teacher. My mom is also a teacher and education has always been important in my family.)

Mom: “Hi, I’m [My Name]’s mother. It’s nice to meet you.”

Teacher: “Wait, you’re [My Name]’s mother?!”

Mom: “Yes…”

Teacher: “Then, why are you here?”

Mom: “I’m sorry. I don’t know what you mean.”

Teacher: “[My Name] is an excellent student. She has the top grade in the class and always participates. You don’t need to be here. Conferences are just for the problem students’ parents.”

Mom: “Excuse me? That is exactly why I am here. [My Name] is a good student, in part, because my husband and I are involved in her education and take these conferences very seriously to ensure her continued success in school.”

(My mom continues to outline why parental involvement was important for both ‘good kids’ and ‘problem kids.’)

Teacher: “Oh, I guess I never thought about it that way. Well, either way, I don’t have anything more to say about your daughter. Have a good night.”

(The teacher barely looked at me the next day.)

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