Hats Off To Her Outfit Demand

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(I am sixteen and working a summer job as a hostess at a local high-end restaurant. It’s a busy evening and I’m helping one of the waitresses carry food out to a table. My arms are full and one of the plates has a ramekin of sauce on the edge. As I’m walking through the restaurant, the sauce slips off the edge of the plate and lands on the floor. I’m not immediately concerned since it is at least five feet away from the nearest table. I deliver the food and walk back to clean up the sauce when a lady in her 30s sitting with her son and about eight of her friends begins to scream at me.)


(A very small amount of the sauce splattered onto her shirt when it fell, even though it was a good distance away.)

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry, ma’am! It was an accide–”

(She rips open her purse.)

Customer: “Is there any in my purse?! It’s all over the chair and table! I’m never going to be able to get this out of my shirt!”

(I’m apologizing profusely and offer to help her clean up, but she storms off to the bathroom and comes back a couple of minutes later.)

Customer: “I was right! My shirt is ruined! Thanks a lot!”

(She then storms out of the restaurant, leaving her son and her friends alone, only to come back fifteen minutes later in an entirely new outfit, right down to her hat. I have to go on break to calm down because I am very upset and crying at this point. Later…)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name]! Come here!”

Me: “What’s up?”

Manager: “That lady who came in here earlier and yelled at you for getting sauce on her demanded that the restaurant buy her an entire new outfit.”

Me: “Really?”

Manager: “Yeah. I talked to her and she said that all she wanted was an apology.”

Me: “The first thing I said was, ‘I’m sorry.’”

Manager: “Oh. Well, all right, then.”

(I haven’t seen the woman, her son, or any of her friends since.)

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