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Hater Waiter

| Working | December 27, 2013

(I am the only one in a restaurant rather late in the afternoon. The waiter is very slow, taking my order down wrong.)

Waiter: “So that’s one diet soda, one side of cheesy fries and one chicken burger?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Waiter: “Okay.” *melodramatic sigh* “Ten minutes.”

(When it arrives, he slams the burger down so hard the top half of the bun falls off, he spills my soda, and sniggers at me before going.)

Me: “Excuse me?”

Waiter: *not turning* “You got your food so stop complaining.”

Me: “No! You are being extremely aggressive and I don’t know why.”

(I walk up and go to the counter. He immediately gets out a radio.)

Waiter: *in radio* “[Manager], I’ve got a customer here who is complaining about her food when I got it right and is demanding a refund.”

Me: “I didn’t ask for one.”

(To my horror, the waiter knocks napkins and my soda on the floor, throws fries over the table, and sticks my knife in the burger so it stands up. He goes over to the door as the manager arrives.)

Manager: “Okay, [Waiter]. What happened?”

Waiter: “She just pulled a fit. She said I gave her a hamburger when it’s CLEARLY a chicken burger. She swore and spat in my face, and demanded a manager.”

Manager: “Right!” *to me* “You listen here. I will NOT have rudeness, misconduct, and aggression towards my staff! My waiter is a good employee who NEVER does this. I am appalled that people like you take advantage of him. So, what do you say?”

Me: “He started the fuss. Have you got any cameras? You can check.”

(The waiter goes pale as the manager goes back to his office. Soon he comes out and wordlessly snatches the waiter’s nametag.)

Manager: *to me* “Sorry about this. The meal’s free.”

(It turned out, the waiter often played this trick when he was the only one there and there were not many people. At least five groups have been thrown out because of that and two were banned. He’s fired now.)

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