Hateful Eight

, , , , | Right | March 9, 2019

(I work in a department store as a sales associate. We started closing an hour earlier about a month ago. I am the only one working in any of the four men’s departments when there are usually about two to three people per department, because everyone is going to be working a MASSIVE sale the next day. I’m stuck ringing up a line of customers, so I can’t lock up the doors. This customer walks in about five minutes after we close.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir, we’re closed.”

Customer: “No, you’re not!”

Me: “Sir, we close at eight on Mondays now.”

Customer: “No, you don’t!”

Me: “Sir, we closed at eight. As you can see, I’m the only one working in Men’s. If there was anyone else, I would have locked up. I hope that doesn’t inconvenience you, but we are closed.”

Customer: “You can’t be closed! I’m here!”

Me: “Sir, you aren’t supposed to be here.”

(We go on like that for a few minutes. I am trying to help the customers in line.)

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry. I know that the time we close changed a while back, but you are not allowed to enter the store right now. I need you to leave.”


Me: “Sir, my manager isn’t here right now. She won’t be in until Wednesday.”

Customer: “I want to see her now!”

Me: “Okay, let me call the manager of Young Women’s.”

Manager: “Hi, [My Name]. What’s up?”

Me: “I have a gentleman here. He is trying to enter. I told him we were closed. He would very much like to speak with you.”

(I handed him the phone and started ringing up the customers as fast as I could. As it stood before this guy walked in, I was going to get out of there fifteen minutes late. At this point, I was thinking it was going to be an extra forty-five. I got to the last guy in line when I turned around to see this man slam the receiver down.)

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