Hasn’t Used Up All Nine Yet

, | Hopeless | April 30, 2017

My grandmother has been admitted to the hospital with a fractured hip. She is 92, has dementia, and lives in a care home, with her 19-year-old cat. The cat looks to be in terrible shape. Her fur is completely matted as she does not groom herself anymore, she has bad hind legs, she is very, very thin, she is blind in one eye which is leaking as well, and she drinks a lot and goes to the bathroom a lot.

Because of all the problems, we’ve been scared to take her to a vet, as we were pretty sure they would tell us they would have to put her down. But now that my grandmother is possibly facing months of recovery outside of her care home, or even death, my family has taken in the cat for now and we decide to take her to the vet, also to protect our own cat.

We tell the story to the vet, including the fact that we believe that the cat stimulates my grandmother and helps slow down the progression of her dementia. Our vet agrees that the matted fur has to be shaved off because it is causing her severe discomfort. We then look at her and tell her of the other problems. The vet sighs and then says: “Right, we could do blood tests, urine tests and all that, but we might discover something. She is 19 years old; we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. As she’s not suffering too much from anything but her fur, if you guys agree, we’ll just shave her, check her eye, and keep it at that.”

My dad and I both were relieved that the vet wouldn’t put her to sleep. Later that evening we got news from my grandmother. She survived her surgery. Right now, she is back in her care home, but due to her recovery the cat can’t go back there yet. But she certainly will, thanks to the kind vet.

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