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Hasn’t Got The Drive To Finish What He Started

| Friendly | May 30, 2014

(As I am turning into my grocery store parking lot, another car swerves from the nearby gas pumps and almost hits me. The man behind the wheel is obviously cursing by the way he’s flailing his arms and moving his mouth. He pulls on in to park and I have no choice but to park beside him, since the lot is small and almost full.)

Driver: “Stupid women driver b****es! No f****** clue at all. B**** almost hit me. I ought to go find her and slap the s*** out of her.”

Me: *taps him on the shoulder since I’m entering behind him* “I’m right here if you want to take a swing. Just to let you know I’ll hit back and I’m sure they have cameras to show you struck first so I could probably press charges.”

Driver: *goes pale* “Well, uh… uh…”

Me: “I didn’t think so. Next time, mind the drivers coming in from the road. I legally had the right of way.” *as sunny as I can* “Have a nice day!”

Driver: *mumbling as he goes in a different direction* “Know it all b****.”

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