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Has To Spoon-Feed Them Instructions

| Working | April 26, 2014

(I’m working at the ice cream window at my restaurant, where people can order cones and sundaes to go. I go back to the supply room to grab another box of plastic spoons, and realize there’s only one box there. Note that the boxes only hold about 50 spoons, and it’s a busy night in the summer, so it won’t take long to run out.)

Me: *to manager* “We’re almost out of spoons. This box is the only one left.”

Manager: “[Coworker], can you go to [Nearby Grocery Store] and pick up some more?”

(The coworker agrees and goes to get her keys, stopping to talk to several coworkers on the way out. The grocery store is 5 minutes away, but she’s gone for at least half an hour, and we’re running out of spoons quickly. She finally comes back with a tray of coffees.)

Manager: “What the h***? What took you so long?”

Coworker: “I had to get coffee for everyone, and it took so long!”

(After all that, she only came back with three boxes of spoons.)