Has To Know Every Number Under The Son

| Related | May 5, 2014

(I am visiting my cousins in Israel for the first time. I am 13 years old. We’re currently at their uncle’s house.)

Uncle: “So, [My Name], you live in America. Right?”

Me: “Yeah. I’m really happy to be able to travel though.”

Uncle: “Have you met my son?”

Me: “What? ”

Uncle: “My son, [Name]. He’s only 19 years old. He’s planning on studying in America.”

Me: “Oh, that’s cool.”

Uncle: “He could stay with you.”

Me: “Umm… I’m not sure how my mom would feel about that.”

Uncle: “You have good hips.”

Me: “Thank you…?”

Uncle: “Here is his phone number.” *begins telling me his son’s phone number*

Me: “Oh, I don’t have any pen and paper.”

Uncle: “You can memorize it.”

(He then wouldn’t leave me alone until I could recite the phone number back to him!)

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