Has Status, But No Class

| Romantic | April 8, 2014

(It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m spending it with the guy I’ve been seeing for a few months. Our relationship isn’t official, but I have a feeling he might be asking because he told me he had ‘specific plans’ for me. He gives me a flower and writes me a beautiful poem.)

Him: “Oh, I have one more present for you. I’ll be right back!”

Me: “Okay!”

(He leaves the room for a few minutes and comes back with his phone.)

Him: “Go check your Facebook!”

Me: *confused* “Okay?”

(I check Facebook and see he has listed himself in a relationship with me.)

Me: “Did you seriously just ask me to be your girlfriend by making it “Facebook official?”

Him: “… I thought it would be cute.”

(Despite the impersonal cheesiness of it, I said yes, and we couldn’t be happier.)

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