Has Some Hang-Ups About The Hang-Ups

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(I am in a specialty department for a major US auto insurance company and I’ve successfully talked to many callers prior to this one with no phone issues. A call has been transferred to me. The number appearing on the caller ID always shows as the transferring customer service rep, not the actual caller, and that rep indicates that the caller refused to give her name or policy number but asked for my department. This occurs after my initial greeting, which includes asking the caller their name and policy number. Instead of providing any such information, I get…)

Caller: “Why does everyone keep hanging up on me? The power company, the bank, the city clerk, everyone! This is the third time I’ve called your company and I’ve been hung up on twice; don’t you dare hang up on me, too!”

Me: “May I please take your number so I can return the call if we are disconnected?”

Caller: “No, I’m not giving that to you. Just don’t hang up!”

Me: “We aren’t permitted to disconnect callers. If the call is dropped, it’s not something we can control. Perhaps, since it’s happening whenever you make a call, there’s an issue with your phone? Do you have another available to use?”

Caller: “Just do your job! Everyone says the same thing. It’s your phone.” *shouting* “It’s not my f****** phone! Don’t you think I’d know it if it was my own phone?”

Me: “I’ll do my best to assist you. May I have your name and policy number, please?”

Caller: “Don’t you dare hang up! My name is Mar—” *click*

(I’m pretty sure it was her phone. I hope she got the assistance she needed, both with the phone and her insurance issue.)

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