Has Some Baggage About You Using Your Bag

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(New Zealand supermarkets have recently stopped giving out single-use plastic bags at the checkout, and now encourage you to bring your own, or if you forget you can buy them at the checkout for a dollar. I always remember to bring mine, as I’ve been using them from before they were compulsory. This particular supermarket’s self-check area throws a fit if you put your bag down without first telling the machine you’ve used your own bag, as everything is done by weight. Up until about last week, there was always a prompt which came up asking if you were using your own bag; with the change to all-reusable bags they have, unbeknownst to me, removed that prompt, and instead, you have to find a little button on the screen before you start scanning your groceries. I put my bag on the scale, scan my first item, and wait for the prompt, which isn’t coming. The machine locks up and a cashier approaches me.)

Cashier: “You can’t just put your bag down there like that. You have to tell the machine that you’re using your own bag or it won’t work.”

Me: “Sorry, there was no prompt, so I didn’t know—”

Cashier: “There isn’t a prompt! You have to tell it you’re using your own bag!”

Me: *after a pause* “How do I tell it I’m using my own bag if there’s no prompt?”

Cashier: *massive eye roll* “Ugh, you have to hit the button, obviously! Are you blind?”

Me: “What button?”

(She points to the button in the bottom corner of the screen; it’s far from obvious what it’s purpose is, and it’s tiny.)

Cashier: “You need to use the button; otherwise, the machine will lock up! Either that or go through the main checkouts if you can’t figure it out!”

(I am so done with her attitude that I just say “thanks” and try and get her to go away. What kind of a customer service rep gets grumpy with their customers for not knowing about changes to their software immediately? As I’m walking away:)

Customer: *in line behind me* “What a b****y attitude. There’s no need for that.”

(I agree. Rude.)

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