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Has Some Baggage About Who Gets Their Baggage

| Romantic | November 28, 2016

(My husband and I just landed in Amsterdam and are waiting for our luggage. The luggage belt did not start moving yet, so we just sit there and talk. Note that we travel quite a lot together and my husband actually works for an airline.)

Me: *looking at the belt as it slowly starts to move* “I wonder who is the lucky b*****d who always gets his luggage first. It’s the people in Business Class, right?”

Husband: “No, it’s pure luck. It depends what luggage comes out of the plane first.”

(As we sit there and wait, the first suitcases appear and, lo and behold, the very first two suitcases are ours.)

Husband: “Well, that certainly determines who the ‘lucky b*****d’ is.”

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