Has Only Salad Between Their Ears

| Working | December 29, 2015

(I’m vegetarian so when I go out with friends, I usually have to modify menu items to include no meat. We are at a popular Mexican fast food establishment when this happens.)

Me: “Can I get a taco salad with no meat, please?”

Worker: “Taco salad. Would you like ground beef, chicken, or steak?”

Me: “None.”

Worker: “Okay, no taco salad.”

Me: “No. I want a taco salad, just without the meat.”

Worker: “Our taco salads have either beef, chicken, or steak in them.”

Me: “Yes, but I want one without the meat.”

Worker: *just blankly stares at me* “Taco salads have meat.”

(I gave up and just ordered menu items that have no meat in them to start with.)

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