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Has No Reservations At Arriving With No Reservations

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(I am a store manager, and my store hosts “girls’ night out” type events. Basically people contact us and schedule them ahead of time, as an easy get-together. It’s a party-like atmosphere, there’s refreshments and a private lounge, we work one-on-one with each woman attending, and we offer a discount on anything purchased. I get an email from a woman looking to host an event for her women’s group. She asks what dates are open, and I respond back that we schedule at least three weeks in advance — so as to have staffing — and spots are open on Tuesday afternoons, Friday evenings, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday evenings after close. I send her an attachment with the contract, as well, and tell her the contract and payment is needed to hold the room. I say that the earlier she lets me know the dates, the better. She responds back saying she will discuss which dates are best at her next women’s group meeting. She doesn’t get back to me. The next Sunday, I close, and I am home making a late dinner when my phone rings. It’s the manager of the restaurant next door, who has my personal number, saying there is an angry woman in the restaurant demanding to speak to me. She puts her on the phone.)

Woman: “We are supposed to have a party tonight, and there’s no one at the store!”

Me: “I didn’t have a party scheduled for tonight.”

Woman: “Well, you did. Come out and open the doors!”

Me: “I’m not at the store anymore.”

Woman: “I have people here who drove three hours to go to this! What do you mean, you aren’t here?!”

Me: “There must be a misunderstanding, because there was not supposed to be a party tonight.”

Woman: “Well, come back and open up, or I’ll sue!”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t do that. I don’t have the supplies or the staff to host anything.”

Woman: “Where do you live?! I’m going to pull you out of your g**d*** house and make you open the g**d*** door! This is so embarrassing! I’m going to have my husband kick your a**—”

(At this point, my friend from the restaurant evidently got the phone away from her. The woman demanded my personal address and phone number and was so loud that security removed her from the restaurant. Monday morning, my voice mailbox at work was full of calls from this woman, and I found out she had posted on the national page for her women’s group, demanding a nationwide boycott of our store, and calling for my termination. Her version of events had me scheduling the party, being in the store and refusing to let them in, laughing at them from in the store, and refusing to refund them. All of this was false, and in fact they had never paid nor scheduled the party. I quickly contacted our legal department and public relations, sending them the emails showing that the woman never got back with a contract or verified the date she wanted — and that she would have had to schedule at least a month out, anyway, so the date she showed up was impossible. Meanwhile, I started getting daily angry emails and calls from the woman and her friends. Finally, I sent an email laying out the facts to the women’s group’s headquarters directly, apologizing for the drama. I was honestly worried how the bad press was going to affect my career. To my surprise, the women’s group agreed that I had done nothing wrong, sent out the correct facts, and threatened to kick out any members sending me angry calls. They also apologized to the corporate office for the treatment I received. It didn’t affect my career. I still get people who come in and mention the incident, and I usually smile and set them straight.)

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