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Has No Problem Espresso-ing Himself, Part 2

, , , | Right | June 14, 2021

I work in a rather small coffee shop, but we have a pretty big menu. We have two menu boards: one for hot drinks and one for cold. I come back from break and a gentleman is looking at the hot drinks menu. Once he sees me take over for my coworker, he waves me over.

Customer: “At [Major Coffee Chain], they sell, like, a triple mocha something. Do you have anything close to that?”

I must have a confused look on my face, and before I can answer…

Customer: “You don’t even know what I’m talking about, do you? God. Just give me [Specialty Latte]. I guess that will have to do. NO ESPRESSO!”

Instead of ringing him up for a latte, I ring him up for a hot chocolate with an extra flavor, since it’s cheaper without the espresso. He pays and watches me make it, and when I hand it to him, he gives me a dirty look.

Customer: “Is this drink hot?”

Me: “Yes, sir, [Specialty] is a latte that we serve hot.”

Customer: “I wanted a frozen drink! That’s what they serve me at [Major Coffee Chain]. This is supposed to be frozen. Do you even know how to do your job?”

Me: “Sir, you asked for a latte. Lattes are served hot. I think you were thinking about a frappe.”

Customer: “Frappes have espresso in them! I DON’T WANT ESPRESSO. Make me a frozen [Specialty Latte] with NO ESPRESSO!”

Has No Problem Espresso-ing Himself

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