Has No Idea Who

, , , | Friendly | April 30, 2014

(A coworker and I are planning on seeing the “Doctor Who” Fiftieth Anniversary Special. She’s out of the office today but has given me her cell phone number so that we can finalize our arrangements.)

Me: “Hey, this is [My Name]! I’m buying tickets now: standard or 3D?”

(A few seconds later, I realize that I transposed two digits in the phone number. I text again to apologize.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry! I have the wrong number.”

Stranger: “No problem. Have fun at the movie. And go for standard. 3D just isn’t quite worth the extra cost.”

Me: “But it’s Doctor Who! Thanks.”

Stranger: “Oh, well, then! Definitely, 3D! Spare no expense for Doctor Who!”

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