Has No Animal Compassion

| Friendly | January 9, 2017

(One night I find a kitten that has been hit by a car. He is terribly injured and is crying non-stop. I decide to take the poor thing to an emergency vet that is open all night. I name him Goliath and promise to keep him (despite being allergic) if he survives. The vet checks on him and lets me know how bad the situation is.)

Vet: “He will need [medicine] to relieve the pressure on his brain and overnight internment. It will cost [way too much for a young girl without a job like me].”

Me: “Can’t you help me with that price? The cat is not mine and I don’t have that much.”

Vet: “Oh! So, who’s the owner?”

Me: “A lady on my neighborhood that is a compulsive animal hoarder. She wasn’t in her house and even if she were, I’m sure she doesn’t have that much money either.”

Vet: “That’s sad… So, what do we do?”

Me: “You really can’t give me a discount or something? For the love of animals?”

Vet: “No, sorry. If I worked for the love of animals I’d be broke.”

Me: “Okay… save him. I’ll pay.”

(I left Goliath there and went back home. The next morning I went to pay and check on him. They told me he had died and the nurse asked me about him. I told her the story and she decided to waive the medicine costs, but I still ended up paying a lot because the vet didn’t want to give me a discount. A week later I saw the hoarder lady’s son (who lived with her) and told him about what had happened. He had no idea one of their cats was missing and didn’t even care.)

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