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Has Never Crossed A Shipping Lane

| Related | May 12, 2014

(I’m visiting my aunt and little cousin for the weekend. We’re watching the movie ‘Frozen’ and the hero and heroine have just met a group of friendly trolls who think they’re a couple and are singing about how great they are together. It should be noted that I’m a huge geek.)

Me: “Wow. They’re like a band of maniacal shippers!”

Aunt: “What’s a shipper?”

Me: “Well, they’re people who pair two characters from a fandom.”

Aunt: “What’s a fandom?”

Me: “Uh, it’s a book or movie that has a lot of fans. Like Harry Potter or Star Trek.”

Aunt: “But I don’t get what shippers do!”

Me: “They usually write fanfiction about the characters or stuff.”

Aunt: What’s fanfiction?”

Me: Well, they’re stories people write about fandoms.”

Aunt: “But how do other people read the stories?”

Me: “… the Internet?”

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