Has Mow Excuses

| USA | Friendly | October 23, 2015

(Last summer my mower broke down. I only get paid once a month and my savings has been devastated by some recent personal disasters, so by the time I was able to get it fixed the weeds in my yard had grown to over four feet tall.)

Landlord: “You need to take care of these weeds. If I have to come mow them I’m going to charge you for it.”

Me: “All right, give me a couple days. They’re only that bad because my mower’s broken and I won’t have the money to fix it for a couple more weeks. I’ll have to find one to borrow.”

Landlord: “I don’t care if your mower is broken. You’re responsible for everything inside the fence. You take care of it by tomorrow or else.”

(I scrambled and found a mower to borrow to take care of it that night. He was downright mean about it though. Fast forward to this year: the landlord has broken his leg and cannot walk. As a result the weeds outside the fence, which are his responsibility, are now overgrown.)

Landlord: “The county’s complaining. Could you go take care of the weeds outside the fence the next time you mow? If not I’ll have to charge you to have someone else do it.”

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