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Has ID, Has An Idea

| Working | February 28, 2017

(My coworkers and I go out to dinner together. I am the only one under drinking age out of all of us and I have no interest in alcohol. My family doesn’t drink so neither do I and I want to go into law enforcement and drinking underage probably isn’t a good place to start.)

Coworker #1: “Can we get [Popular Alcohol Brand] for the four of us.” *points to [Coworkers #2, #3, #4]*

Waiter: “Okay I’ll need to see IDs.”

(All four hand him ID but he still has his hand out. He coughs and I look up.)

Me: “Oh, I’m not drinking.”

Waiter: “I’ll need to see ID.”

Me: “I’m not drinking; I’m underage.”

Waiter: “I cannot serve the table alcohol if I fear they will give it to an underage person.” *hands back IDs*

Me: “They won’t risk losing their jobs for [Popular Alcohol Brand]. I don’t have any interest in alcohol.”

Waiter: “It is well within my legal right to deny alcohol if I believe they will let a minor at their table drink it.”

Me: “Fine.” *moves to empty table right next to our table* “Go ahead and get them [Popular Alcohol Beverage] now and I’ll have water.”

(My coworkers laughed but the waiter wasn’t pleased at being out-duped. And, surprise, surprise, I didn’t drink any alcohol anyone ordered.)

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