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Has ID, Has An Idea, Part 2

, , , | Right | August 26, 2020

Shortly after I’ve gotten my license renewed, I go with a friend to pick up some things at the gas station, including a pack of cigarettes. I look fairly young, so I expect to be carded.

Me: “Two packs of cigarettes, please.”

Cashier: “Sure. Can I see your ID?”

Me: “Absolutely.”

I dig around a little bit, looking for it. It is in my wallet, and I know it; that pesky paper slip can’t hide well in my wallet due to it not fitting.

Me: “I swear I have it in here; I just don’t remember where.”

Friend: “I saw you put it in there.”

Me: “I know! I absolutely did. I always get carded. This isn’t new!”

Friend: “Did it fall out?”

Me: “No, I remember it didn’t fit.”

Cashier: “It’s right there.” *Points at the card*

Me: “No, you can’t accept that one; it’s expired.”

I spend a few more seconds digging around, before finally getting annoyed and asking:

Me: “Can you just take the expired one and pretend it’s the right one?”

The cashier and my friend both burst into laughter. As I glanced uneasily at the police officer right next to the counter, I did, too. I found the paper version a few moments later; I’d stuffed it behind my old card, figuring I’d forget that it’d expired, reach for it, and feel the paper version behind it. Apparently, I remembered it’d expired, but not where the paper one was, instead.

What a thing to ask in front of a cop, though.

Has ID, Has An Idea