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Has Been Wii-jected

| Romantic | March 4, 2015

(We’re expecting our first child and looking at baby things when my husband spots a $4,500 TV. He is mostly joking in the conversation.)

Husband: “Ooooh, I need this.”

Me: “For what, exactly?”

Husband: “It’ll be awesome to play Wii-U on it.”

Me: “We don’t have a Wii-U…”

Husband: “We should get one… and this TV… because… the baby would like them?”

Me: “No. Rejected.”

Husband: “What?! You can’t reject genius!”

Me: “Just did. REJECTED.”

Husband: “Fine, well, I’m only talking to the baby now.”

Me: “The baby can’t hear you!”

(It should be noted that we don’t know the gender or have any names picked out.)

Husband: “NOT TALKING TO YOU. So… Baby… How awesome is this TV?”

Me: “Oh, for crying out loud!”


Me: *in a baby alien voice* “I hate it. I agree with Mom. I think it’s financially irresponsible to drop that kind of money on a TV.”

Husband: “But think of the educational value of a Wii-U!”

Me: *weird voice* “You’re saying you’d let me play on your Wii-U?”

Husband: “Uh… well… not immediately. Listen, in order to be a good dad, I gotta take care of my needs and I need a Wii-U.”

Me: *facepalm*

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