Has Bags Of Problems

, , , | Right | October 8, 2019

(A woman approaches my counter with a product that is on clearance for half off. I have been helping another customer, and when I finish, I turn to her and push my glasses up my nose.)

Customer: “I’m sorry, but before you help me, can you wash your hands, since you were just picking your nose?”

Me: “Um… Sure, okay.”

(I go back to the sink and wash my hands. When I return, she is still there.)

Me: “Okay, all clean. Will this be all today?”

Customer: “Yes, and I want to know if I need my [Store Membership Program] card to get the discount?”

Me: “Well, it looks like this item is coming up at [price], which is half off the original price. I don’t think we’ll need your card today.”

Customer: “It had an orange tag in front of it.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s just letting you know it’s half off because it’s on clearance. It came up at the discounted price.”

Customer: “Okay.” *pays*

(I go to bag her item.)

Customer: “Can you get me a different bag?”

Me: “Sure, was something wrong with this one?”

Customer: “You rubbed it all over your chest.”

Me: *raises eyebrow* “Okay, I’ll get you another bag.”

(I lay the first bag on the counter and reach for a new bag but she stops me.)

Customer: “Just give it to me; I’ll do it myself.”

Me: “Sure thing, ma’am.” *hands her the bag*

Customer: “Can I speak to a manager?”

Me: “Sure, was there a problem?”

Customer: “I will not be discriminated against.”

Me: *shocked* “Um, I apologize if anything I did seemed discriminatory. I assure you that was not my intention.”

Customer: “Just call a manager!”

(I do. My manager comes over and speaks with the woman while I go back to helping my first customer. Finally, the woman leaves and I approach my manager.)

Me: “What did she say I did?”

Manager: *rolls eyes* “She said that you rubbed her bags all over your chest and that insinuated she was a lesbian and she ‘is not a lesbian’!” I know you wouldn’t do that. She just wanted a discount.”

Me: “She wanted more off of her already half-off item?”

Manager: “Some people…”

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