Has An Unsmart-Phone

| Learning | May 16, 2015

(In English class we are doing our final test on our final book of the semester. We are most of the way through the class and it’s pretty obvious we have been spending most of class writing a test.)

Teacher: “Hey, you!”

(I look over. Like any school, there are some students who have trouble putting their phones down during a normal class. The student the teacher is addressing is one I’ve noticed doesn’t always have a great attention span and has been called out before for texting in class. I can see she is actually using her phone during the test.)

Teacher: “Put that phone down.”

Student: “I just need to look something up.”

Teacher: “You can’t look anything up during a test! That’s cheating!”

Student: *surprised* “We’re having a test?!”

(Everyone in the room is now looking over; a little shocked considering it’s obvious we were having a test for the last half-hour or so.)

Teacher: “Didn’t you get the hand-out?”

(The student points at the empty desk between herself and my own, where lies her copy of the test.)

Student: “I put this on the desk; I didn’t know it was a test!”

(The teacher sputtered a bit before deciding to let it go and told the student to start her test. Some of the other students laughed a bit, including me.)

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