Has A Weak Cuphold On Reality

, , | Right | December 2, 2019

(I work in a coffee shop that was recently built inside a grocery store. We keep cupholders that clip to the sides of the grocery carts in a basket at the end of the counter where you pick up your drinks and food. I notice one woman walking away with her entire grocery cart covered in the clip-on cupholders, with only one of them actually holding a drink. The basket only has two or three cupholders left.)

Me: “Ma’am? Would you mind putting those cupholders back and only taking the one with your drink in it?”

Customer: “Why? I need them.”

Me: “Ma’am, other customers need them, too. We only have two left, and as soon as the people in line get their drinks we probably won’t have any. I could take them off for you if that would be easier.” 

(I reach for one of the empty cupholders, and she grabs the coupon flyer sitting in her cart and smacks me.)

Customer: “No. They’re mine!”

(She ran away, and I stood there, stunned. I reported the incident to my manager, but my shift had ended, so I left. I later found out that she ran out of the grocery store with the cupholders still on her cart, but she left the cart sitting in the parking lot anyway.)

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